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Our M3 Hotel is situated at the heart of the city in downtown area of Mandalay. You can have a glance of the clock tower of Mandalay City just in front of you. Restaurants, shopping centers, Zegyo market and all of our Mandalay’s door-to-door shops are just at your side open even until midnight. The rooftop bar overlooking the entire view of Mandalay city is really breathtaking: the beautiful, panoramic view of Sagaing Hill, the magnificent sights of Yadanabon Bridge and Ava Bridge in the south and the Minguin , a historical place on your right. Green, beautiful and grand Mandalay Hill and Yan Kin Hill will make you in a state of shock. We will be very pleased to have you stay with us in our spacious, clean and cool rooms. Our restaurant serves from a fresh and healthy buffet breakfast to dinner by the variety of international and Myanmar traditional specialities with a wide range of choices open to you. We would like to say we are proud of you to choose our hotel.

M3 Hotel Mandalay

NO. 108 , 26th St, Bet: 82nd x 83rd St , Mandalay.

Tel: (+95) 2 67171 , (+95) 2 67172
Fax: (+95) 2 65526

M3@sunwinner Hotel

No.180, 28th Road, Bet: 80th x 81st St, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay

Tel: (+95) 2 67341 , (+95) 2 67342